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Copyright your work

One method in photoshop

How to copyright

your images in photoshop.

Painting by John Davis


1. I opened painting
2. Press Shift and letter U
3. On upper tool bar select shape
4. Select Copyright image
5. Select a black color from swatch
6. Click on painting and drag to size you would like
7. Select from Filter from top menu bar, select sharpen then select sharpen edges
8. Select from Filter from top menu bar, select stylize then select emboss
9. On layers menu if this is not showing go to top menu and select window and then layer. On the Layer menu box there is an opacity scale adjust downward to make it as translucent as you wish.
10. To Add Name, type it out in size font that looks right and do steps 7-9

To move theses to different areas you can use arrows but be sure the correct layer is selected.
When done go to Layers tab on top menu and go to flatten click. Then save as and use a different file name. You do not want to screw up the original image. This process can be saved as an action so you can do these steps with one key.


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